Keep It Tight

Being fit and in shape doesn't have to be hard... it should be fun! To constantly be moving keeps you energized and happy. When I'm not surfing I love to dance and make music videos with my friends. Here are my easy to stay motivated-with workouts and advice :)


Fitness should be fun! And frequent! It goes hand and hand with feeling good and looking great! Here are my latest favorite 4 quick moves done in tabata form. I use the "Seconds" app on my iPhone.

30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds.

I love this set so much as of recent because it's quick but ever so fulfilling. I was able to see difference in my body and still have time and energy for everything else in a day I want to do! Best part of this set is you don't need any equipment but a small area you can fit in, I could do it in every hotel I've stayed in this year.

Plank toe taps - Plank position (flat back + tight core!) bringing your toe forward for one tap as close to your elbows as possible alternating feet. (Tip* Flexing shoulder muscles in plank...

Coco Ho

I feel like to be healthy, you need to start with things you like. You can’t just force yourself to do 10 pushups, 10 jumping jacks, etc., because you’re not going to love that. You start with finding active things you enjoy. I love tennis, and it started with that and then it turned into the idea that I needed to do something active. Then it evolved. So if I wasn’t surfing, I started to learn about myself and my body and how to use my assets–for example, I’m strong. Every girl starts to get concerned with their body, and then I learned to love being active. Here are seven tips I suggest for those looking to boost their health and fitness:

  • Find something you like to do. Then do it.
  • Know your assets. Work with them. If you have strong legs, run, and do things that you...

I was recently asked by Seventeen Magazine to share my thoughts about my body for The Body Peace Project. What I like, what I would want to change etc. Asking this question can open up the door to lots of self criticism. Being a pro surfer I am in a bikini everyday and it’s really easy to judge yourself against others. I used to feel so insecure about my petite frame and muscles but now not only do embrace myself as I am but I realize that my body is strong and beautiful and enables me to perform as I need to as an athlete.


Every bit of activity counts! There is so much to do outdoors. If it's watching the sunset with my mom I find the sand the best place to fall trying all kinds of flips and backbends. Or enjoying beach jogs and swims with my dog. Hiking in any destination to get the view is always so rewarding too :)


I customized these Nike I.D.s :) I find having cute work out gear or fresh new running shoes always get you going! I went with xo and this cute combo black and attempted of "Tiffanys" blue! Love these Nike Free's for training, so light!


Anything active can be fun - even jumping around with friends! Switching up work outs with friends is great. It's also a bonus when you feel like stopping having them there keeps you motivated to finish every rep!

screen shot 2013-01-29 at 3.47.29 pm.png

My favorite workout on the road is this DVD set called Turbo Jam. Its a variety of discs of intervals that keep you moving. I love that I can do it anywhere- even traveling whilst staying in a hotel room! Their is a variety of length workouts depending on how hard you want to work out at the time. It's a perfect warm up and makes you sweat!