Fitness should be fun! And frequent! It goes hand and hand with feeling good and looking great! Here are my latest favorite 4 quick moves done in tabata form. I use the “Seconds” app on my iPhone.

30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds.

I love this set so much as of recent because it’s quick but ever so fulfilling. I was able to see difference in my body and still have time and energy for everything else in a day I want to do! Best part of this set is you don’t need any equipment but a small area you can fit in, I could do it in every hotel I’ve stayed in this year.

Plank toe taps – Plank position (flat back + tight core!) bringing your toe forward for one tap as close to your elbows as possible alternating feet. (Tip* Flexing shoulder muscles in plank help strength.)

Overhead Squat with Cross-over and tuck – Simple squat! Form is crucial in a squat make sure you’re pushing your butt and hips back, knees over top of ankles + knees NOT caving in. Feel those gluteus firing!! Squat engaging core and glutes, cross over right arm to lifting left knee and vice versa, then tuck side to side. 3 simple steps.

Plank hip twists Plank position (flat back + tight core;) hips alternating light touches to the ground side to side. Strong core and always important flat back! (Tip* Keep left hip aligned with left elbow on touch downs and vice versa.)

Cross-back lunge with knee tuck (think inner thighs!!) Lift knee and drop into a crossed back lunge, maintaining balance and finding that glute strength of front leg you’re balancing on to bring you back up. Alternate sides.