Do you know who the best professional surfers of our generation are? Here you have a list of the best surfers, and of course that some of the names you have heard before, but if you just incorporate in the world of surfing is possible that there are some surfers that still don’t sound too. These professionals are trained day by day to get points and thus qualify to win the tests submitted in each competition.

Before continuing you should know that there are mostly two types of surfers, professional surfers and those called soul surfers, those who were professionals in the past or who are as good as professional surfers but who have decided to live the surf in their own way, without the ties of the competition travel from country to country in search of the perfect wave.

Soul Surfers or also called “free spirits”, surf in search of the perfect wave and to seek a connection with nature and with the culture and Society of the countries they visit deeper than that brief experience that professional surfers have with the place of competition.

Now that we have already laid the groundwork, we will see who are the best surfers of this generation and who are dominating international surfing this year.

The best professional surfers in the world

By professional surfers we mean those men and women who compete professionally in the World League: World Surf League. These surfers are surfing in the different world races, earning points for that year’s world ranking. At the end of the year, the World winner will be the one who won the most points during the different tests.

  1. Robert Kelly Slater

He’s definitely the best surfer of our time and history. Over 40 years old, he’s still surfing and winning competitions. He has won the world title of the world Tour on 11 occasions, breaking the record of being the youngest and oldest surfer to have won the competition. Definitely one of the names you should know if you want to get serious in the world of surfing.

  1. Mick Fanning

Another great surf figure right now. So if you follow the surf competition as if you do not you still may have heard of his encounter with a shark in one of the global evidence of 2015; but before that, long before that, Mick Fanning already had a worldwide reputation. This 34-year-old Australian has won four world titles since his debut and although in recent years the ranking has not been in his favor, he is still a figure you should know.

  1. Joel Parko

Another Australian, a great friend of Mick Fanning’s where they matched surfing at Snapper Rocks. He was crowned world surfing champion in 2012.

  1. Gabriel Medina

This young Brazilian was definitely the surprise of this generation when in 2014 he won world champion against more experienced surfers. It is certainly his backflip that has led him to be known to everyone.:

  1. Julian Wilson

Since his arrival in 2011, Julian Wilson has been one of the most respected prodigies in the surfing world. From this Australian Idol stands out his skill in sharp and aerial movements. He won three wins on the 2014 Tour de Campeonato, which led him to the world title, which he hopes to achieve one day, as he won third place on the Jeep Leaderboard.

  1. Filipe Toledo

Representing today’s progressive surfing movement, we find Filipe Toledo, known as the Brazilian whirlwind. Second-generation professional, since his father, was twice home champion. He has five victories in the Championship Tour in the last three years and according to his friends, the only thing that prevents this professional from having a world title is his volatility.

  1. Italo Ferreira

One of the most explosive surfers in the sector is Italo Ferreira, a Brazilian who gave what to talk about on the Championship Tour in his early years, hence his rookie of the Year award, becoming a threat to the next season for his idol Mick Fanning. His motto is’to have faith and believe that everything is possible’.

  1. Yago Dora

Brazilian who, despite belonging to a family dedicated to surfing professionally, would begin in this world at the age of 11. We are talking about Yago Dora, a constant fighter who has managed to create his style little by Little, becoming in 2017 one of the stars of the year after winning two great victories in QS.

  1. John John Florence

John John John Florence, one of the five surfers who won his first two consecutive world titles on the men’s Championship Tour. Florence exceeded expectations from an early age based on humility, dedication and self-styling. His only weakness is to make the impossible too easy, this makes him one of the best surfers in the world.

  1. Aritz Aranburu

To finish this list, I wanted to include the only Spanish surfer competing for the world title. He is one of the most renowned and famous Spanish surfers in Spain so you should know his trajectory in case one day you cross him in the peak.